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Jackson Tech District


Jackson Tech District is a mixed-use development on a 12-acre site in downtown Jackson, Mississippi

Development will Include:  

  • Arts and Innovation Station

  • Entrepreneur center

  • Co-Working/Private office spaces

  • Bar Lounge Cafe

  • Loft Apartments

  • Technology labs

  • Conference center for tech

  • Green space/Dog Park/Walking Trail/Food Truck Park

  • Family Fun Center

Nashlie Sephus, Ph.D., is a Jackson, Mississippi native who works as an applied scientist at Amazon in artificial intelligence. In 2016, Sephus and the co-founders of Partpic, a visual recognition technology company, sold the startup to Amazon after Nashlie assisted Partpic in developing the startup’s visual recognition algorithms and prototypes. Through Sephus’ non-profit, The Bean Path, she is building the Jackson Tech District.

The Bean Path has been in operation since fall 2018 and has worked to provide technical expertise at its tech office hours at local libraries, youth coding/tech workshops and has provided small tech scholarships/grants. The nonprofit hopes to bridge the tech gap in Mississippi and enhance workforce development and the state’s creative economy. 

Renderings of future Tech District

Renderings of project credited to http://www.dragonflydesign.co



N. Gallatin St. Jackson, MS 

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